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Shelter is hailing the success of a new charity ecard initiative after it fundraised almost 90% more than originally expected over the festive period. The charity joined the online greeting card alternative ecard and donation platform in summer 2017, after agreeing upon additional custom requirements for their Christmas campaign. The objective was to be able to invite both individual and corporate supporters to send Shelter Christmas ecards and donate the cost of printed greeting cards. This was achieved by commissioning the DontSendMeACard team to provide customised ecard pages offering a Shelter-branded experience. Shelter’s expected donation amount was almost doubled, receiving an increase of almostRead More →

Devious tricks to defraud small charities through online attacks have been exposed in the first ever threat assessment for the sector, along with guidance about how to defend against possible risks. The work by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), a part of GCHQ, will give the sector more help than ever before to defend itself from the most common cyber attacks. There are almost 200,000 charities registered in the UK and the NCSC’s Cyber Threat Assessment reveals how their valuable funds, supporter details and information on beneficiaries is being targeted. Alongside the assessment, the NCSC has also published the Small Charity Guide to outline easy and low-cost stepsRead More → has welcomed initiatives from The Fundraising Regulator and Charity Commission to address the issues surrounding fees charged by fundraising platforms that have been raised in parliament and in the national press. The two organisations met to discuss greater transparency with the public, particularly about fees. The Fundraising Regulator indicated that donors should be aware of all deductions that platforms may make from the donation itself, from Gift Aid, or through card processing fees should be made clear. A ban on charging card processing fees came into law in January but there are platforms still passing this cost to donors. Public concern about these charges came to theRead More →

Virtual reality (VR) has been a hyped technology since the 1980s, but it’s only really in the last few years that it has been brought down to earth to become an accessible and affordable tool. Now, VR 2.0 is infiltrating the real world. Alongside fully VR headsets, head mounted displays like Google Cardboard are now available for a very low cost, so that anyone can easily plug a phone in and play a virtual reality video, game or app. But even without the use of headsets, more and more people are experimenting with 360 content to stretch the limits of traditional filmmaking, as the camerasRead More →