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Virtual reality tech has the potential to significantly improve support that care sector charities can offer vulnerable children, according to latest research. Social enterprise Cornerstone has been piloting the use of its virtual reality training in 30 areas involving those who work closely with children in care, including foster carers, adopters, social workers, judges and teachers. The training used immersive virtual reality (VR) showing the sort of harrowing experiences children have endured before being taken into care. It also involves content looking at how drug and alcohol abuse affects a child in the womb. Virtual reality helps improve understanding Evaluation found that the VR techRead More →

The Epilepsy Society is partnering with a global biopharmaceutical company as part of a £2.2m deal involving using machine learning and data analysis to improve treatment for those with epilepsy. The link up with UCB is for five years and aims to find treatments for people with epilepsy for whom current treatments do not work. The work will involve genome sequencing, machine learning and genetic biomarker analysis. By creating more individualised treatments the charity hopes to help more people live their lives seizure free. More than half a million people are affected by epilepsy in the UK, but only around a half (52%) are seizureRead More →