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Written by: Arpan Rewatkar A Business Analyst is the core member of the project team. He is a star of any project. He is a friend of business. Source: BusinessAnalysisHomeRead More →

Karl Roe, VP Services & Cloud Solutions at Nuvias, takes a look at what’s in store for organisations using the cloud in 2018.   1. The Rise of AI 2018 will see Artificial Intelligence (AI) drive a transformational change among organisations and impact on cloud use. ICT isn’t getting any simpler, and businesses are being forced to move faster as their customers’ requirements become more demanding. This is driving innovation in areas like AI, but automation of past processes won’t be enough to keep up with the “need for speed” in business agility. We will see lots more AI projects and initiatives in 2018; it willRead More →

Charities and charitable Trusts are believed to have lost £2.3bn to fraud in the 12 months to November 2017, according to the latest Annual Fraud Indicator. The Annual Fraud Indicator (AFI) 2017 highlights the colossal cost of fraud to the UK economy, with fraud costing the UK a massive £190bn – that’s equal to around £10,000 per family. The report shows a worrying trend for charities – in the 2016 report, fraud in registered charities was estimated at just under £1.9bn. Technology is being exploited to perpetrate frauds across all sectors, the report says, with online banking fraud having grown by 226% and telephone bankingRead More →