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Written by: Raji Pillay A very important part within the software life cycle is the maintenance of the software. Source: BusinessAnalysisHomeRead More →

Current approaches to digital campaigning are leading to tension, mistrust and a lack of transparency according to a new report urging charities to re-examine the digital tactics used to influence decision and policy makers. The survey of charities, beneficiaries, MPs and technology vendors throws doubt into whether commonly used digital campaigning efforts are effective for bringing together key players around a common cause. Digital campaigning is popular because it is easy, inclusive, far reaching and connective. Over the past 11 years we have seen the rise of some of the UK’s biggest petitioning platforms such as and 38 Degrees, and Parliament responded to thisRead More →

Accounting, payroll and payment system software provider Sage is making licenses for Sage Business Cloud People available as a donation for eligible nonprofit organisations. The company is offering donated admin user licenses, plus 50% license contribution for all subsequent licences, for its cloud-based people management software. Sage will be adding the people management offering to the software products already available as donations for charities from its Sage Business Cloud suite, including its cloud accounting, financial and enterprise management solutions. The initiative comes as part of the company’s social enterprise Sage Foundation, which launched in 2015. In November 2017 the Foundation announced the launch of itsRead More →

A number of Microsoft products have been removed from Tech Trust’s tt-exchange catalogue page following changes to Microsoft’s donation programme. As of today, several donated Microsoft software products are no longer available through the tt-exchange programme. Some premium versions of Microsoft products, such as Office Professional and Windows Server Datacentre are noticeably missing from the platform. Many standard versions are still available, however, and charities can still access many of the services they did previously through standard versions of the software. Office Professional Plus, for example, is leaving the tt-exchange platform. Still, the full suite of tools is still available in donations of Office StandardRead More →

The Charity Commission has issued a warning to be on the lookout for ‘phishing’ emails impersonating charity CEOs. The warning comes after Action Fraud UK, the UK’s national fraud reporting centre, reported an increase in this type of fraud. Charity trustees, employees and volunteers are being told to be aware of ‘requests to your finance department or staff with authority to transfer funds’ which claim to be from a charity’s CEO but are actually from a spoofed email address. Phishing attacks are a common type of cyber crime in which targets are contacted by email, telephone or text message by someone posing as a legitimateRead More →