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The MissionBox Philanthropic Fund is offering grant funding for nonprofits and charities, from anywhere in the world, an opportunity to win one of twelve $250 cash (US dollars or equivalent) micro grants for sharing their service delivery best practices with other interested nonprofit readers. Twelve separate grants will be awarded to applicants, but ALL applicants will be featured on, along with links to websites and how to donate to your worthy organisation. The grants will be awarded to the most compelling and/or valuable examples of best practices in service delivery across three content types: Videos (less than 3 minutes) Educational papers (white papers,Read More →

The experience of ageing in the south-west is set to be transformed with the announcement of six innovation briefs for ambitious social entrepreneurs to apply their creative expertise in Somerset, Devon, Torbay and Cornwall. The innovation briefs are part of Transform Ageing, a first of its kind initiative to change the way we approach and design services for people in later life. Transform Ageing is funded by Big Lottery Fund, the largest community funder in the UK, and is designed to improve people’s experience of ageing. It brings together people in later life, social entrepreneurs, and health and social care leaders to define, develop andRead More →

Gaining new donors is a long organic process that requires effort, time and using as many channels as possible. Direct mail and telemarketing have long been workhorses of fundraising industry, with email marketing, and social media stepping in within the last decade. Meanwhile, some promising channels remain widely underused, text messaging being one of them. With a click-through rate of 36%, comparing to email’s 6-7%, SMS can be a powerful tool for spreading the word about your fundraising campaign. Furthermore, it can help turn first-time donors into repeat supporters. Learn how you can do that in the infographic by TextMagic below. Source: More →