MediaWiki for Knowledge-bases/Documentation

MediaWiki is a free and open source software wiki package written in PHP. MediaWiki was primarily designed for Wikipedia, a task for which it is well suited.

For other uses, MediaWiki software can help companies with their documentation, or provide knowledge-bases. It’s well recognised as most web users will be familiar with Wikipedia, and used by some large scale organisations such as NASA and Intel as well as many smaller companies.

Knowledge Bases

MediaWiki is an excellent tool for knowledge-bases given its features as being easy to navigate, easy to search, use of categories, ease of adding subcategories and links to similar topics/related articles.

It also keeps an audit of changed pages and allows revisions and reversions to be made.


As with knowledge-bases it is a good platform for breaking documentation down into easy to navigate chunks, with links to other related areas and comprehensive change auditing; which can allow an owner to see changes that have been made while delegating the task of maintaining the documentation itself elsewhere.

Implementation of MediaWiki

Like NASA, a company I worked for could relate to the issue of “Multiple file types/sources lead to conflicting information, poor revision control” and consolidating these documents into one area was an important consideration. It was also ideal to allow contributions from SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) in different departments, and areas of expertise.