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With 15,000 customers thought to be involved and an investigation into €200 billion of payments, the crisis engulfing Denmark’s largest bank has been described as “the biggest scandal” in Europe. In September, Danske Bank’s chief executive Thomas Borgen resigned following an internal investigation into suspicious payments made through its Estonian branch. The bank has said… Read more » Source: AATRead More →

London-based peer-to-peer lender offers office buzz and feelgood factor. Employees get the buzz of working in a fast-paced environment, using cutting-edge tech; lunchtime table tennis sessions; learning new skills through the FC Academy; and the feelgood factor that comes with helping small business grow. Source: AATRead More →

You’ve been diligently revising for weeks. You’ve done past papers, have post-it notes everywhere and even have flash cards and mnemonics to help you remember pertinent points. But now with just 24 hours left until your assessment, what can you do to improve your chances of success? Source: AATRead More →

Not everyone would react to being made redundant while on maternity leave in the same way as Miranda Buchanan. But Miranda’s resilience in the face of adversity is perhaps just one of the reasons why she was named AAT’s Distance Learner of the Year 2018. Source: AATRead More →

“It’s important not to use words like ‘worker’ and ‘employer’ casually – because from a tax point of view, those definitions have very particular meanings.” Martin Brown, Director at PKF Francis Clark. Source: AATRead More →

Welsh housing association that offers affordable homes for rent and sale to people in need. A ‘door’s-always-open’ approach to leadership, outstanding training schemes, plus a commitment to looking after the posture and lumbar-related issues of its staff. Source: AATRead More →