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Charities often assume that using the desktop versions of Adobe’s apps such as PhotoShop, InDesign and Acrobat is better for them because they pay only the admin fee to access the product with no ongoing costs. However, using Adobe’s products as part of the Creative Cloud suite comes with lots of benefits around effiency, sharing and collaboration that charities may not be aware of, and that may outweight the presumed cost saving for some. While the apps live locally on your computer with the desktop versions, Adobe Creative Cloud gives you access to a full suite of apps including PhotoShop, InDesign, Illustrator, Acrobat, Premier Pro,Read More →

Google has linked up with the charity Inspiring Girls to produce an online video series aimed at encouraging girls to pursue their dream careers. The videos, which are available via the Inspiring Girls Youtube channel, features female Google employees talking about their careers in the tech sector. The charity is particularly keen to encourage girls to take up tech roles, due to the gender gap in the sector. Women currently make up just 20% of the global tech workforce.  In addition, a Girlguiding survey from 2017 found that seven to 21 year old girls and women say gender stereotypes affect their ability to say whatRead More →