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SMS/Text Messaging APIs

SMS/Text Messaging from Apps and Programs

What is it?

SMS/Text messaging between Apps and Programs (i.e. On a computer or device) and mobile phones.

It is achieved through the use of an SMS gateway, and allows a software program, such as a booking system, CRM database or online shop to communicate one way or both ways with the registered users using SMS/text messaging.

This may be for appointments and reminders in the case of a dentist’s or garage’s system or it may be to communicate with workers in an employee based system.

In some cases, the system can receive replies to the messages and even take action based on the response, such as  “Will you attend on Tuesday?” sent from a booking database, can, where an affirmative response is received, automatically update a “pending” appointment to an “confirmed” appointment within the database.

How is it achieved?

An SMS gateway allows a computer to send or receive Short Message Service (SMS) transmissions to or from a telecommunications network. Most messages are eventually routed into the mobile phone networks. Many SMS gateways support media conversion from email and other formats.

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