Online activity aims to raise funds for Kenyan mothers

Online campaigning has launched this month to raise £150,000 to help mothers in Kenya.

The Team Mum campaign is being run by the charity to fund pregnancy support groups and promote positive messages about new mums in rural Kenya. The groups will offer peer support and the latest health advice for mums.

All public donations made to the campaign before the end of April will be matched by the UK government through UK Aid Match. The campaign aims to raise £150,000.

Activity online includes a series of videos released via Youtube showing the real life stories of mums in Kenya.

This includes the story of Winfred who was rejected by her parents when she became pregnant at the age of 18. She now lives with her grandmother and describes the challenges she faces in her community as a new mum.

The public are also being directed to the Team Mum page on’s website, which offers a running total of funds raised, including Gift Aid.

This details how £25 can support a mum and £10 can provide a baby starter pack.

In addition, Twitter users are being urged to use the #teammum hashtag to help promote the campaign

“Team Mum is a hugely ambitious campaign for a small charity like, and to see the UK parenting community throw themselves behind this cause has been truly humbling,” said Thomas Muirhead,’s Chief Executive Officer.

“The pregnancy support groups we’re funding through Team Mum will provide a lifeline of support and vital health information for new mums.”

Match funding

Penny Mordaunt, Secretary of State for International Development, added: “Expectant mothers across the UK are supported throughout their pregnancy by the hard work and care of our fantastic NHS.

“Sadly, this is not the same for many women in Kenya who still do not have access to the care they need to make sure that their babies grow.

“The Team Mum campaign, with the support of UK Aid Match, is bringing together parents and experts from across Britain to support communities and empower pregnant women in rural Kenya.

“Every time the British public reach into their pockets and donate to a UK Aid Match charity, the government matches their contributions pound for pound. This appeal is directly changing the lives of some of the world’s most vulnerable people.”