Charity launches YouTube cookery show for people with learning disabilities

A charity has launched a cookery video series on Youtube to encourage people with disabilities to eat healthy food.

The CookABILITY series has been made by the charity United Response to help improve the diet of those with learning disabilities, autism and Down’s syndrome.

It comes after research found that 80% of adults with learning disabilities are failing to meet official minimum recommended levels of physical activity.

The YouTube cookery videos feature easy to understand recipes for making healthy food,  including spaghetti Bolognese and chilli con carne, and have been made with the help of people with learning disabilities.

Obesity is a ticking time-bomb

“Obesity is a ticking time bomb which will hit people with learning disabilities particularly hard if we fail to take decisive intervention and don’t give people control over what they eat,” said United Response Area Manager Alan Tilley.

“In our experience, people with learning disabilities can struggle to eat a balanced diet. Often cooking a meal from scratch at home can seem daunting and so people end up instead eating ready meals or fast food high in fat, sugar and calories.

“In order to tackle this major health problem, we have to be bold and show people – through our online videos – how to cook with confidence. It’s crucial we empower people to make informed choices.”

One of the stars of the cookery video series is  26-year-old Stephen Jenkins, who has a learning disability. “The food tasted delicious and was very nice. It wasn’t really that hard to make. It was actually easy. Eating was my favourite part though,” he said.

United Response supports around 3,000 adults and young people with learning disabilities, mental health issues or physical disabilities at around 400 locations across England and Wales.